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Hi all.

I just thought I'd throw out that I spent the last month creating a poly dating site, as my girlfriend and I had been having serious troubles meeting new people to join our relationship.

So, I created, and it is a free, ad supported dating site. It supports couples and groups, and doesn't lock you into those groups. In fact, the way I set it up is that you set up individual user accounts, and then link them together as a couple or group account, which allows your individual accounts the freedom they need, and the ability to add and remove group members as your relationship dynamic changes.

The site is pretty much brand new, and has very few members, but I'd be happy to see new members join. And of course, as it is brand new, if you find anything you don't like, or anything you think should be done a different way, I'm very much open to suggestion.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Reymus Poly Dating
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