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I grew up on nes and snes (mario3, link to the past, megaman x, chrono trigger, mariorpg, earthbound, contra 3). My favorite pc games were Ascendancy, Civ 2, and Baldur's Gate. I spent so much time in all three of those. I played alot of n64 too! Then I started playing tibia, and eventually wow. Really happy I don't play mmorpgs anymore, just too time consuming and addicting for me... though arenas were fun when they first came out.

I picked up ut99 and ut 3 during that time too. Now I really just play League of Legends. Which I am happy to play with anyone here. Might be giving it up though if this computer dies :P

I use to play alot of mtg, now just the odd draft. Magic Workstation is pretty awesome if you like mtg! Its a free to play library/1v1 internet program. Its really great for testing ideas out in.

I don't really have an active group for Dnd anymore =/

Oh now I play nba2k and fifa sometimes too.

This feels obligatory, sorry if I missed it being posted :P

its pitch dark!

I can't believe you beat battletoads RunicWolf. Congrats!
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