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I was that kid who owned a few of the "fun" games for the NES, but owned Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. >.> I also actually beat Battle Toads when I was a kid. Tried it again a few months later and my gaming style and preference in games has totally killed my twitch gaming reflexes. I now lean more to RPGs for the most part with a few third person shooters. I can't stand FPS games. With all my experiences in the military, playing paintball, combat sports, and LARPing in the woods I've come to rely on all my senses and my twitchy RL body reflexes (I can't twitch move just my thumb, but I can dodge, twist, and generally make my whole self a hard target while returning fire. Go figure. -.-). FPS games make me feel like I'm running around with a box taped to my face, my arms in a brace that's connected to my head, ear muffs on, and weights on all my limbs. I feel like a crippled gimp so I usually avoid them. Third person balances out the crappy lack of senses with at least a wider visual arc.

That said, I've been playing Fall of Cybertron, Skyrim (which is okay even in first person because i'm not trying to compete with other humans as to who is the better gimp), and The Secret World. Thinking of picking up Guild Wars 2 soon because lots of my friends are playing it. Now that City of Heroes is getting the axe (don't get me started on that) I need some kind of MMO to play.
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