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Default A fresh start

Howdy, I'm Winter. I am a single male who, after meeting a brilliant older woman, learned briefly about poly. I recoiled at first, thinking it was too taboo or... weird, even, I admit. But I can't help but feel something, a curiosity. I like to think I'm intelligent () but I have to admit I'm new to life's adventures... so I decided to change that and reach out to a community about this curiosity.

I am 24 and from md, been in several hetero mono relationships, and currently single. I look forward to meeting like-minded people, as the real-world appear devoid of them (of course, I do not see into their "true lives!", so maybe - just maybe I have already met some of you!).

Anyways, I'm terrible at introducing myself. I'd love to learn more about others, or answer any questions. Information exchanges are the best! Here's to chatting!

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