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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
"Has a pussy" is certainly one criteria that some people might use in their personal definition of "girlie girl". Dude finds quite a wide variety of women sexually appealing (many, many more than I do - like practically all of them). He used to include "women who were BORN women" as one of his only criteria.
Gender is between the ears. My gf, miss pixi, was born a woman, despite her genitalia, despite the testosterone she used to produce, which she calls poison (for her).

I then asked him about people with "testicular feminization syndrome" (or "androgen insensitivity syndrome") - people with an XY genotype who are phenotypically female...showed him pictures and got him all turned around.
Well, good.

Having said this...I don't see him beating anyone up. I do think that being a post-op transwoman might be something important that someone might want to disclose about themselves before things got to the "fucking" stage (kinda like being poly) if you plan on trying for any long-term relationship type thing, especially as that is the sort of thing that might be "discovered" during said "fucking" (a little anal play and..."oh, hey, there's a prostate in here").
Ugh, that's up to the person. If you had a congenital gene that would potentially cause a birth defect if the condom broke, would you feel obliged to announce this during a night of drinking and casual sex?

Long term relationship, sure. But that is not my point. My point is that transwomen are women, even if their hands and jaw are larger than the average ciswoman, even if you don't find them attractive or "passable." BTW, there are many many "masculine looking" ciswomen out there.

I know I came across a little strong. But casual dissing of transpeople is so rife! My gf wrote a strongly worded letter to Conan O'Brien, who used to constantly mock transpeople on his show, and he soon afterward offered an apology on the show and quit doing it!

Addressed to all: Please consider your words and respect this sector of our community. Think of what transkids go through. It's horrible.
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