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Default Young newbie here

So yeah, I知 new. I知 in my early twenties. I知 androgynous/bigender/genderqueer, but biologically female. I知 a pretty deep thinker, but also very adventurous.

I知 very new to being poly. I致e never had more than one relationship at a time; however, I think I知 poly because my love for a person never diminishes, even when I find someone new.

I知 going through a divorce right now, but I still have something of a relationship with my soon-to-be-ex. It痴 definitely non-exclusive though. Or at least it will be once the divorce is finalized. I知 not sure whether we値l always have a sexual relationship, but I know I値l always love him. Even though he is difficult to get along with at times.

I have one toddler, and although most of the time I feel like I知 right on the line between male/female, I definitely feel like a mother to him. But then mothering to me is as much a biological thing as it is a social thing. I知 definitely more of an earth-mother-animal type than your typical 杜ommy.

I知 hoping to make some new friends here, and talk about things I can稚 really discuss with most of my IRL friends, who are pretty conservative.
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