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All I'm saying is, I wish they would make more movies that don't suck.

Star Treks V, VI, VII, IX, X, and XI sucked, as did, everyone agrees, Star Wars I, II, and III.

Having established that, I still think the best hope for a continuing plot for Star Trek (forget about Star Wars - Lucas is twice as useless as Roddenberry, notwithstanding) is to have them bring back Data. If you recall, Data was destroyed at the end of one of the sucky movies - it was the one where someone cloned Captain Picard and raised the clone on the Dark Side of Romulus, or whatever the fuck Romulus' freaky twin is, Remus (sp?). But near the beginning, they found all these Chinese-knockoffs of Data on some planet, and the bootleg Data started acting like Dr. McCoy after Spock implanted himself onto McCoy's head-chakra at the end of II. Anyway, it would make a good story, plus it would bring back Data and satifsy the Star Trek meme of drawing parallels between TOS and TNG.

Also, I think Star Trek I (the VGER one) was a lot better in retrospect than it was when I saw it the first time (actually, the first time I saw both Star Trek I and Star Wars IV, they both bored the hell out of me and I fell asleep just as they were getting good (now that I know). But compared to seeing it before the other movies after it, I appreciate it a lot more).
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