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I have been lurking a bit here and figured I might as well make an account and introduce myself. I am 23 and from the western new york area. 2 months ago I had never really heard anything about polyamory, after meeting a wonderful lady and reading a bit about it I felt that there was rationally nothing I could disagree with and really appreciated many of the things it adressed. (strong open communication, constructing a relationship without hidden expectations, the ability to explore and enjoy multiple types of people)

I had never really been in a relationship with someone else until now and the combination of them having others involved and my general naivety has left me not just confused in a search for my own boundaries and wants, but in how I should look at other peoples actions. So some reading up and discussion is definitely needed As I gain more experience I will be more vocal with questions, still building my own frame of reference so I can actually communicate clearly.

So here I am biting off way too much at once and having a blast!
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