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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I use queer, pansexual and bisexual in no particular order to describe myself to others. Not because they are interchangeable - they're not - but because they are all true in describing a part of me. Those words get the information across that I'm not straight, nor totally 'gay' either, and that gender is a broad and varied thing. And that is what I want labels to do - give a piece of information about me to someone else.
This is exactly what I do and think as well. I mostly use bisexual though just because it's the most familiar word of the ones that I could use and I don't always feel like explaining myself that much. Pansexual would probably be more accurate since I like certain types of people without caring much about their gender. I've sometimes jokingly described myself as a femininesexual. I usually like my people somewhat feminine, whether they are men, women, trans or something else.
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