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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
"Very much womanly." What does that even mean? An extremely femme girly girl? That defines my gf.

Or does he just mean, "Has a pussy?" Would he date a femme post op transwoman or would he puke and beat her up if he found out she was trans after he'd fucked her?

"Has a pussy" is certainly one criteria that some people might use in their personal definition of "girlie girl". Dude finds quite a wide variety of women sexually appealing (many, many more than I do - like practically all of them). He used to include "women who were BORN women" as one of his only criteria. I then asked him about people with "testicular feminization syndrome" (or "androgen insensitivity syndrome") - people with an XY genotype who are phenotypically female...showed him pictures and got him all turned around.

Having said this...I don't see him beating anyone up. I do think that being a post-op transwoman might be something important that someone might want to disclose about themselves before things got to the "fucking" stage (kinda like being poly) if you plan on trying for any long-term relationship type thing, especially as that is the sort of thing that might be "discovered" during said "fucking" (a little anal play and..."oh, hey, there's a prostate in here").

Full Disclosure - I have only met one post-op transwoman in real life, "femme" does NOT describe her - although her boobs are way better than mine, pussy is not so convincing but, even before you get that far, her jawline and hands are NOT effeminate. She wasn't a pretty man can only work with what you have. We knew a cross-dresser in college who was way more convincing - caught MrS by surprise every time.

Not saying that I rule out the possibility on philosophical grounds...but we can't help who we are or are not attracted to - if we are talking about who we have historically found ourselves attracted to then we are limited by our personal histories.

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