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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
No love for Stargate? Sadtimes. =[ I'd have to choose Trek over Wars, but Stargate wins both anytime for me. I think SG1 especially, Atlantis a close second. Though Universe is just terrible. I'll throw that in with the Star Wars fellas.
Oh, I was sticking with Trek/Wars because, you know, the OP.

However I adore the first 8 Seasons of SG-1. I've always been a big fan of those kinds of sweeping stories with the "little" guys getting to step up, play with the "big boys" and win. That and Teal'c and Bra'tac stealing the damn show so often. Proud Alien Race Guys that don't fall into Worf Syndrome? Yes, please, I'll take two. Already covered? Thanks!

Babylon 5, though, has to be my favorite Sci-fi series in a long long while. The main advantage it had was the scripted nature of it's seasons. The big, long arc mixed with the gritty and often realistic (space combat physics! <3<3<3!!!) nature of the setting made it so worth while for me. I mentioned how I loved the grit of DS9, but B5 did that AND had the "Clean" sections of Trek in the same, believable setting. From the clean and polished officer's quarters and the command center all the way to Downbelow with it's transients and homeless, human and otherwise.
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