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At the end of the article, the author mentions the "-curious" suffix as a label. I think that phrase could be the subject of a whole 'nother article! One thing that always kind of bugged me is the assumption that if one feels or says they are "bi-curious," that means they have to "try it out" in order to make a decision whether they are straight or bisexual. I always wondered why people who think this way about "bi-curious" folk don't see such experimentation as potentially very selfish, as if others are just there to serve as toys on someone's fact-finding mission. If I were to admit to having a curiosity about what sex would be like with another woman, then people would tend to assume that I am looking to experience that - yet I am not - and some would even try to orchestrate some kind of hook-up.

I think one can be curious about a great many things, without the need for experimentation. Curious just means, well... curious. I am curious about what it feels like to sleep while suspended off the side of a sheer cliff, but I ain't going to carry a sleeping bag up the side of a mountain anytime soon. Why can't "curious" just be interpreted as "interested in learning more?" While I am happily straight, I feel it is only natural to feel curious about same sex relationships - but my curiosity doesn't automatically mean that the only way it can be satisfied is through sex. I could learn a lot by befriending and socializing with bisexual people, watching movies, or reading books and forums like this, as examples, and in these ways I could easily find my thirst for knowing more about it quenched.
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