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Originally Posted by kitkat88 View Post
Okcupid is for people who are monagamous, in general.
Not true. They allow couples to have profiles and it is a very popular site for polyamorists and all kinds of non-monogamous folk.
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OP, it is always much harder for poly men to find women, for some reason. It could take months or even a year before you meet someone, so just be patient.

However, I am curious about this statement you made
Originally Posted by NerfHerder View Post
. . . our situation is a little weird (well, maybe not weird, but hard for people to believe sometimes) in that my wife particularly wants me to find a girlfriend (I do too, but she's actually been the one motivating and sort of prodding me to date).
What's the deal with that? It sounds like you're just looking for an additional relationship to appease your wife. You may tell yourself you want to find someone, but if she has to prod you, it sounds like your heart isn't in it or you lack confidence. If you don't really want to pursue someone else, don't. Potentials might be picking up on your ambivalence. If your wife wants things equal, that is unrealistic - it ain't a race. Let relationships develop for each of you in your own time, and don't try to force anything on yourself that you're not really ready for.
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