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Last night Redpepper came over to my house as is normal two nights a week. Her husband seemed very quiet and withdrawn which concerned us both. Redpepper offered to hang out with him and I was certainly willing to fore go our night if it would have made him feel better.
He did not want us to come back or change our plans and Redpepper called him a couple of times to confirm this and see how he was doing.
Today I offered to help him do some maintenance on their rental suite. We both tackled it and got it done in no time which freed him up to send more time with Redpepper before out upcoming night of dancing (tonight in fact - A b-day thing for Redpepper).
I then got to ask him how he was doing and if things were good. He opened up and everything is good.
Sometimes it is hard for me to not associate every problem or disconnect they have with my presence in his life.
We are friends and through that we all get a sense of support and it makes this experience so much better in our dynamic.

In our level of integration and vision of the future there really is no other option but to not only know each other, but to love each other.

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