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Speak your truth to both. Not awkward at all. Just keep the things only you need to know to yourself. I mean, tell her you don't feel the spark/magic and want to keep it as friends with her. (But DON'T tell her it is because you think she's annoying.)

Tell Him/Call Her:

"Hi! I've been feeling a bit stressy about the weekend so I wanted to touch base to make sure all are on the same page and communication is clear.

You know I think of you (Cancer) as a friend right? I'm happy for you to date each other (Cancer + Libra), but on our tier of relationship -- we're just friends. Thanks for sharing your text -- but really I just like you as a friend. Let's keep it there.

So this weekend my date is Scorpio. I wanted that to be clear for the weekend since we are all at the same bar. You'd be going to see Cancer. I'm there with Scorpio. If that is awkward for anyone -- we best talk about it now and change date venues to accommodate needs, or if it is all cool, great! It is all cool.

Did you need a ride home? I wanted to ask to get the travel logistics down and get that clear too.

Did you need any clarifications from me? I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there."



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