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The only time I use labels is in the early learning phases or explaining something. Otherwise, I have a physical aversion to labels. Once I learn that other people have put a name to some aspect of my Being, I leave it at that and just Be me. That's applicable to everything, sexuality, spirituality, my hobbies, interests, etc. If I feel that something resonates, I just go with it and not wonder what sociological construct this puts me in.

Now in terms of this discussion, I'm an authentiholic, I'm addicted to being authentic & to authentic people, everything else is open for discussion. Up to this point, I've been with mostly women and curious about guys, yet never felt physically attracted to any guys. I'm not ruling it out, though, so long as there's an authentic connection between I *guess* that makes me a hetero-leaning queer??

I don't know, I just Be and ignore other people that want to pigeon-hole my activities/interests.
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