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Originally Posted by aLABiMCpl View Post

....and now the Big Question:

How are you going to keep the Swingers out?

Being Poly, I am constantly searching for references, sites, etc. for true Poly people. Every meet-up/Dating/Poly-Friends/etc. site eventually & seemingly quickly fills up with Swingers pretending to be Poly.... Thus running off true Poly peeps and degrading our reputation further.

Can you explain to me how you identify "true poly" people?

I know a lot of people who don't identify as poly AT ALL, yet what they are doing looks an awful lot like poly to me. "Swingers" who are only with one couple at a time and the relationship often lasts years, to the point where they help each other with kids, take care of each other when someone's sick, and are devastated when situations change and they can't be in each other's lives anymore. Seems a lot more loving than a lot of "poly" relationships I've seen, yet they still call themselves swingers for whatever reason - often because they don't want to be associated with the "one true poly" types and prefer the accepting atmosphere that swingers create.

Swinger hate bothers me. A lot.
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