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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Hated DOS? I remember I used to play a fair few DOS games on my 95 and 98 machines. =P It especially doesn't make sense, as 95 and 98 were actually built on top of DOS. and i remember once it came to XP, you have to find a new way of playing them, which was DOSbox. I don't even think you can use that anymore though. Unless you're still using XP for some reason.

If you thought the switch from PS1 controls to PS2 controls was weird, what about to PS3? There was a huge change in controls there. =P I know suddenly my thumb finally felt at rest from that dreaded X button. XD the constant tapping, smashing, and holding it down as long as I could without my hand getting tired... XD
Yeah, I always got the Blue Screen of Death whenever I tried loading a DOS-based game while in Windows, for whatever reason. I think it was more the computer itself than the OS, but the line between OS-based issue & computer-based issue was pretty hazy. Once I wrote my own autoexec.bat & config.sys as well as the mouse drivers, I was able to switch between DOS & Windows prettty easily.

I was referring to switching from Nintendo's letter-based designation to PS's shape-based...but took me maybe 1/2 a day to get used to it.

Originally Posted by MusicalRose
Did you ever play Final Fantasy VI (Japan)/III (US)? That was one of my favorite SuperNintendo games.
I did, after I discovered ROM's. I didn't really get into RPG's until after I got into PC gaming; up to that point, Zelda was really the only RPG I was exposed to and had any interest in. I definitely like FF 6, though.
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