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Default Came out to my sister.

Ok a little back ground is in order here. Although I'm thirty years old I just met my 2 sisters and my brother this past January. They are half siblings from my biological afther whom I have never met. They are all younger than myself, my oldests siter is 25 and her and I have developed a family bond that is tighter than I ever thought possible.

I have been in a triad since before I met any of my siblings and it has bothered me to no extent to keep it a secret from her for a while now. Today I had breakfast with her and I and in casual conversation I dropped the bomb. It sorta just blew out like a sneeze. She confused and trying to process it but she's accepting and non-judgemntal.

I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and like I can breathe deeper now. She's coming over to the house for dinner on Saturday to meet everyone. I'm almost as nervous as I was when I found out she wanted to meet me.

Sorry there's no real point to this I just had to blurt it out to someone other than my partners. They are all very happy but I don't think they really understand fully what this means to me.

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