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I couldn't partake in it any longer and that was it, 25 years later and I raise my boy veggie and have a husband who turned veggie (we had a deal, he would become an at home vegetarian if I quit smoking. We did both. He doesn't eat meat at all now),and a boyfriend that at least respects our choice and has tried our food for himself.
That's awesome RP. I particularly like the quitting smoking compromise. When we get out of Alaska, I am determined I will have a MUCH MUCH healthier diet. I have a MUCH healthier diet than I was raised on already, and much healthier than it was most of my adult life too. I've learned a lot about how unhealthy we as a society eat and I've made huge changes.

The best thing is I figured out it's TRUE when they tell you to stick with something for a few months-and you lose a taste for the "crap". It's really true.
That was awesome.

GG made a deal with me that he would quit smoking if I worked on getting back in shape (because I wanted to get in shape but felt like I just couldn't muster up the motivation). He quit smoking, out of 66 lbs to lose (from 216 down to 150 I only have 12 lbs to go.
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