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Originally Posted by punkrockmomma View Post
For myself, the closest I come to attaching any label to my sexual identification is queer. Even that is a tricky one for me...I think of it in a literal, dictionary-esque sense. "Strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint ; unusually different."

Queer tends to be more of a North American term( from what I've found at least), even though I am Canadian I have friends from outside of North America who still find queer to have negative connotations.

I personally love to be a smart ass - and when people ask "What are you?" I say with a big grin, "I'm not straight". They then look at me in a rather confused way, and stop asking questions.....Or I tell them that I'm greedy
Seems a lot of people, in my experience, in America in general, don't like the word queer. I identify as queer myself, becaue of the literal sense of the word, and the entire reason for it being put in LGBTQ. It's there as a means of "and any other non-standard orientation, because adding many more letters would just start to look silly". =P

As for actually over here in England... I hear even gay men and women calling themselves queer. Which is still technically true in the literal sense. So I think it may just be something about the English language being quite literal in English use. You say you're Canadian yourself, which I've noticed use a fair bit of proper English wording, too. So that could be why around you, you seem to find it a regular term, too.
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