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I still think OKC is great since you can keyword poly or whatever you want in your profile - including any of your interests like skiing, latin music, stamp collecting, or whatever you're interested in, so people looking for activity partners can find others with the same interests. That's also a good way to meet people that may end up having gf potential, if you're up for the friends first route too.

I met both my husband and my boyfriend on OKC. I'd never give a guy a second chance for a date if they were married or co-habituating with a partner and didn't tell me before we met (and we'd exchanged more than a few messages), so I think that's the right way to go - maybe I'd have a different view on that if I were operating as a single woman. Lots of women (perhaps in particular who have dealt with being cheated on) are going to have a problem with a new acquaintance coming off as less than 100% honest.

Wouldn't take it too hard at all if people visit your profile and don't message you - I mean, there's hundreds of reasons I'd decide somebody wasn't right for me to get to know after clicking on their profile, plenty of people have clicked on mine and not wanted to write to me - I decided to change mine to anonymous browsing, that way I have no clue who visits me so I don't have to think about it
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