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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Even as economically disadvantaged as we were, living together would not be an option. First because Pretty Lady would never leave her family property to get foreclosed on and secondly because they would never consider moving their son out of his school district and into ours. He is a junior in high school and the head of his JROTC drill team. Finally, Pretty Lady would never allow any sexual activity in the house as long and the children were home (as she has not for the entire 16 years they've been married) and I can't live like that.
A total side track of the thread, but I can't help but ask. She doesn't allow sexual activity in the home while the children are there? Even between her and Wendigo, her husband? Wow. Granted, when my kids were little, sex usually happened while they were asleep, but I can't imagine only having sex when they weren't home. That would have totally killed our sex life.
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