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My husband has seriously pushed me away with his BDSM demands. I can not meet his demands. It makes me feel disgusting, dirty, used, and objectified. I wish we could have the type of sex life my bf M and I have. We did years ago when he could meet me halfway and respect my boundaries.
Ack. I'm sorry to hear this. Good kink should be respectful of boundaries!
I am sorry you are feeling yucky.

You don't have to be into kink at all. You have that right. But just hearing that you tried and ended up feeling like THAT is ugh.

Is he a top? If so I get the vibe he's not a great one if he's making you feel yucky. The top has to play within the bottom's specified arena or it is a no go. If he's a boundary breaker I don't blame you for not wanting to there at all.

Makes my hair stand on end. (and I do like some kink.) Ugh.

Whether kink or poly I wish people would just play honorably with some ethics and respect for their partner(s)!

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