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Originally Posted by Pliglet View Post
Also I'm a book/crafting nerd with a special love for all things children and childbirth
I forgot to add this one! But if you're a childbirth freak, you probably already know about Sheila Kitzinger. I was partnering a friend through a preparation-for-home-birth group in Barcelona and read everything the group had in its library. One of Sheila's books was my favourite, but I can't recognise it on that web-site; perhaps the title has been changed. (Yes, I read it in English.)

Years later, another friend, preparing for home-birth, started to read (in Spanish) another book by Ms. K. but got upset at "all" the warnings about what can go wrong. (Didn't seem excessive to me, just sensible caution IN CASE.) She said that she felt like burning such a "negative" book. I said: "Well, if you want rid of it, give it to me. I'm a big fan of hers." Later, leafing through the book, I found... myself! [Much younger, hence unrecognised by my friend until I pointed it out.] The photos for the Spanish edition were from Spanish births, and there was me sitting next to the mother at my SECOND birthing (the mind-blowing one).
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