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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
I'm about to go to my favourite [6-year-old] girl's house and I know what you mean by them making your day. However I'm a bit worried. How friendly are M and her ex? Would he try to make trouble if he knew? What are the custody courts like there? My best Oz friend's father threatened to wrest custody of his grandson if he ever found out that she was lesbian. She was and is, but perhaps her father never found out for sure. At any rate, her son lived with her until old enough to move out.
They're not friendly at all.

We haven't gotten official legal advice yet, but from what I can ascertain, we won't lose custody. Our courts are very into 'what's best for the child', which would means psych watching our interactions with master 7, and affidavits etc. And we would look better to the courts...despite the poly aspect. I'm relatively certain of it.

But it's always a fear for us I guess. It's not nice not being friendly :-(
I'm just as worried that master 7 may tell someone at school and get picked on for being differnt, so we've tried to explain to him not to tell people outside our family.
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