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We together have 3 kids. My husband and I have a 7 year old and a 9 year old. Our gf has a 4 year old. We are just meshing households but a few things have become apparent. I am much more of a disciplinarian than hubby or gf. Hubby is less tolerant than gf is. I dont want to get on to gf's daughter too much but gf is allowing me to do it. Gf has recently gone thru a divorce and thinks that her daughter has been given a lot of leeway because of it. She has let her get away with too much, her words not mine. While I want to help her get it back in check, I dont want the poor child to hate me. She is expected to follow rules and be respectful just like my own two kids are. I think it will be wise in the near future to sit down and talk about parenting soon.
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