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So, I guess I/we are the poly demographic that the author of the article has issues with. We are "economically privileged", in the sense that my income is sufficient to provide for our needs and many of our wants, and we don't have kids (after two miscarriages and a lot of heartbreak). So I guess the guys are "mooching" off me since they don't work for someone else for money. (Although they both would if that became necessary.)

So yes, we are privileged - I worked hard and acquired a shitload of student loans to get here. Pardon me if I don't apologize profusely for enjoying the fruits of the 60-90 hour weeks I've been working for the last 13 years...and will continue to work until I retire (hopefully at 50). (Sorry folks, side issue and a whole different debate...)

Most of the article didn't really resonate with me as the only "poly community" I have been exposed to is here and the old alt.polyamory usenet group and I haven't seen much of what they are referring to.

The main thing that got to me was the part where they were talking about abusers. So, you are in a relationship with someone who treats other people like shit? And POLYAMORY is the problem? Why the FUCK are you in a relationship with someone who treats people like shit?!?! Because "everyone else" is okay with it? What are you, a sheep?

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