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I won't say it has been easy. Well at first it was easy cause we were all completely enamored with each other. Now it is up and down. She struggles, I struggle, hubby struggles. The worst of it has been when she struggles sheshuts down and clams up where as hubby and I have always been able to talk about things. It takes her a little bit to wrap her head around her own thoughts and it is hard to watch her struggle and not be let in. I am a lot more affectionate and think I might have an addiciton to physical affection so when I am stressed or upset I long for it. I cant understand her need for seperation.

The only ones who dont seem to be struggling are the kids. They are adjusting well. The girls are 4 and 7 and they love having a "sister". We also have a 9 year old son. I think the kids will figure it out on their own in their own time. Our 7 year old has already made mention of stuff that let's us know she is in one what is going on. She doesnt understand anything in regards to sexual relations but she knows we are all attracted to each other.

We also sleep three to a king bed. Sometimes one of us has to deal with the kids. The 4 year old has not been used to sleeping alone so we are working on that.

In regards to co habitation it has been very hard for me to relinquish some control of the household. It was hard to let her take over laundry from time to time. I love the help but it is just weird having someone else do that.
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