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Well we've 'officially' come out as boyfriend/girlfriend to master 7, who is a very perceptive little boy.

He came home from his dads custody weekend today, and while outside with just H (his mum) he made some fly-by comment about "when you're not around...M thinks that plig is his girlfriend..." and kind of continued playing. H handled it beautifully, explaining that you can have more than one partner, but it makes some people uncomfortable so we're only telling our family -but yes plig is also M's girlfriend.

At which point I came outside and they were talking to me, and this little kid turns to me and announces "I'm so happy for you plig! Cause!!! Man" hehe <3 too cute!

He apparently then went inside and said the same thing to M about me being the perfect girl ;-)

Obviously none of us will ask him to lie to his dad, so there is that tiny concern that his dad will find out and make trouble for us. But naw<3 his response has lit up my whole day!!!
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