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I am in the US right now running some errands.

Ok so, before I left, we scheduled to have a threesome.

But two days before that, my SO wanted to go out to a nightclub, however I was a bit tired, so I let her go with our GF...I told her she can do whatever she wants with our "unicorn", to "have fun".

When she came home at 5am, she said she had a great time at the club, she enjoyed attention from guys but pushed away invitations, and that afterwards our GF/Unicorn and her and the GF/Unicorn's boyfriend of the moment (flavor of the week), went back to his place and got naked and did a threesome. She said as far as penetration he was too drunk to get hard but they all played with each other. I am not sure if she is lying to me to protect me, because I later asked if the BF had sex with our GF and she said yes as she watched and participated. Anyway, it didn't bother me at all that she played around and had a fun sexual experience. She was very relieved and I think surprised at my attitude.

We then went to the beach with the GF and her BF, all 4 of us. While in the water, we all played with each other, just normal playing, then our GF (the Unicorn) took off all her bathing suit. We all got into it, but nothing really happened as my SO is still very embarrassed to go very far in public or show anything but monogamy in public. So we capped that off there for that day.

The threesome was cancelled because the Unicorn's younger sister had a facebook BF drama. I was deflated but it was a test from the God's is how I took it, part of destiny, what was necessary for what my SO and I are going through right now.

And then I went to the airport and I left for the US where I am writing this from. I'll write more about what has transpired here and there with her and I since than, which has been a little eventful and useful in building our emotional trust with each other, shortly...
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