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Originally Posted by Ceoli
...because you do take on a character and a persona when performing and that character takes on a bit more weight to your performance. And you never really lose the sense that you're looking at a performance about sexuality.
The strippers that make a real career out of it and do well have mastered precisely what you mention here.

Violet has been stripping on and off since I met her just over a year ago. In a strip club. I got hit on and picked up by a dancer at work in the club, which isn't supposed to happen, and it's the best relationship either of us has ever had, lol. Lana has also 'danced' on and off for a couple of years. My last ex was also on and off with it for 7 years and counting. I have several good friends and couple of other exes in a couple of states who either have in the past or still do. Violet and Lana both plan to go back next year - they miss it, lol.

I think it's sad that so many people have such a negative view of the industry and the (mostly) women in it. I love strip clubs, always have. I love strippers, always have. I find that the stereotypes are silly - sure, there may be a larger percentage of girls with issues or drug problems, but fenerally the types of girls you find in a club are exactly the same as you'd find in any office - literally. Okay - not true - there's definitely a higher average as far as looks go, lol.

But really - in the clubs you meet the same types as anywhere else. Damncatfish says he sees the face of his ex on every girl - that's absurd! The pain, etc - pardon me, but what a crock! Sure - some of them, very true. Just like you see in the faces of girls in the mall or walking down any street. What about the ones who find it empowering? Fun? Exciting? Good for their self esteem? It's all about the mindset the girl starts with - again - just like anyone else doing anything else. Same goes for patrons - walk in with the idea that you're going to walk out with a girlfriend or a date or a hookup, and you're walking in with the wrong mindset (my experience notwithstanding, lol). Walk in to have fun and have beautiful women pay attention to you in exchange for a few dollars here & there - right idea. And it can absolutely be good for lonely people - again - walk in with the right mindset, and wait to talk to the right girl to have the interaction that works best for you as a patron.

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