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This has been a busy week.

I got Wendigo a job at where I work. I snagged him an interview on last Friday for Monday, he came in and did a 15 minute interview (1 minute waiting, 2 for the paperwork, and then 12 for the tour of the shop). They pretty much hired him based solely on my word, which both bolsters me and worries me just a little. Worries me because if he screws up (which i'm positive he won't) it might look bad on me, but I'm bolstered by the fact they hired him pretty much sight unseen based on my word which says to me they have a pretty high opinion of me.

Ended up with the sinus infection that's going around the area on Wednesday. I ended up drinking a quart of OJ and sleeping it off while everyone else that's caught it has needed antibiotics. There are days I'm glad I'm me.

And then worked an extra 6 hour shift today on top of the OT I'm going to get this coming week to try and catch up to our orders. Oi. I didn't realize we serviced the world's racing community with parts.
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