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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Really? I thought it was ok, but for me, The Next Generation was the one that I loved. I'm pretty sure I saw every episode atleast once and most of them twice, laugh :-). Oh one thing about DS9 though, Jadzia Dax was hot :-)!
And had many relationships, sometimes at the same time. With the Trill relationships where a tricky thing. They could have many, where known for having flings and where not restrained in who or how they loved other then a few basic rules (which got broken or bent). I mean, look at Dax by the end. In an odd little way you -almost- have a V going with an alien space slug as the hinge (chew on that image for a while!).

And the real thing I liked about DS9 over the other Trek shows? It was set on a dirty station in a little corner of the galaxy. It was dingy and often had the Trek universe's scum floating through and causing trouble. People where people, with real flaws, problems, and strengths. The station was far from clean or even operational at times. Plus I'm behind any Trek series where Q gets punched in the face ("You punched me! Picard never punched me.").
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