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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I'm a fan of both, honestly. I lean more Star Wars then Trek, mostly because Trek is too clean and the people too perfect.
You know, I'd never thought of that.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
That said, DS9 was probably my favorite Trek show because it felt more real then the others.
Really? I thought it was ok, but for me, The Next Generation was the one that I loved. I'm pretty sure I saw every episode atleast once and most of them twice, laugh :-). Oh one thing about DS9 though, Jadzia Dax was hot :-)!

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
That said, in both cases you only see a small fraction of the universes, in shows, movies, or expanded universes. There should be no reason poly relationships can't exist in either setting.
For sure. Ultimately, I see fiction as a reflection of those who created it, and those people are firmly in this world :-).

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Personally I could care less about how much I see. Like my life, unless it's important, does anyone really need to know? Does it move the story along, or is it just a quirk to make a character/race seem more unusual? I'm okay with it being so far in the back we never see it because it's not important. Like how Babylon 5 handled the same sex relationship that cropped up. You know it was a thing but it's only brought up when it's important to the plot (which was all of twice) and handled tastefully.
For sure. Whenever I see a film/show/anime/what have you, what I always try to think of is, why did they make it this way? I suspend disbelief to some extent; I don't really care if something that happened in a fictional show is technically impossible so long as it's not blatantly so. I generally think that all of these mediums are generally trying to communicate something on a deeper level, and that's what I like to focus on. Sometimes, even the authors themselves may not fully understand what inspires them to do this or that, but I like to come up with theories.. definitely keeps my mind going :-).
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