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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
It rang a bell with me, too--the author apparently has very little experience with poly folk.

I've met very few poly folk who are economically privileged. Predominantly, those without children are young and have put off childbearing or are old enough their children are grown; I certainly wouldn't say those without children constitute a majority.
Well, we might have just hung in different poly circles, but the fact that the author brought up the fact that she's an immigrant makes me think of a whole different economic level; there's a reason that many countries are called 'third world'. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, polyamory -can- work for people regardless of their economic situation, particularly if it involves living together; it's much easier to get one more room then it is to get a bachelor's apartment type thing. And then there's all the pooling of resources that can happen as well.
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