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Well ... it seems pretty unanimous, doesn't it? Who am I to argue with all of you!

I guess I felt like they were relatively small slip ups, but if I'm honest with myself, the feelings behind them aren't small at all, and do need to be brought into the open.

I suppose that it is time to test if I'm correct in feeling that my husband won't over-react to this news. Although I can't ask him to keep our secret, I do hope that he does for L's family's sake ....

Funnily enough, I can imagine him and L having a chat about all this. I hope I'm right.

I do consider myself an ethical person, and the in-congruence between what I've done and what I've said has been bothering me somewhat. I guess there's only one choice ....

R is off fishing today, and I'm going to dinner with L's partner tonight. L is off camping. This is going to get interesting...
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