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Default Time Management

I'm not sure how to balance my two relationships time-wise. See, I have my primary (D) who had kids, two weeks at a time, so I barely get to see him during that time. But I've adjusted to making up for that during the two weeks he doesn't have them, which has been perfect for me and how my attention works.

Now though, I've added my girlfriend (H) to the picture, and don't really know how to strike a balance between seeing both of them enough. It also doesn't help that I feel awkward if I see her 2-3 times in a row without seeing D. I'm still figuring out if I'm poly, but I know that I can't, currently, walk away from either without serious regrets and resentment and that I badly *want* to find a way to make time work in my favor.

The best thing I've come up with is setting aside days for both of them each week, so that I have set days I can spend with each of them...

How do others work time for all of their partners?
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