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Originally Posted by Castalia View Post
Funny tidbit, our four year old is named after an assassin in an anime. The character in question is sweet and innocent looking but dangerous when she gets started. The kiddo is holding up to her namesake.

Gamerboy likes the more depressing, but amazingly well done kind. Gunslinger Girl, Noir and WitchBlade.
I like the more upbeat colorful ones. Saber Marionette J, (I haven't finished this one yet, I love the semi poly arrangement), Kiddy Grade, BubbleGum Crisis, (the newer version) and Rune Soldier, (which reminds me of D&D).
Right now we are watch Needless, which is ridiculous and amusing.
A guy in an anime chat site recommended I take a look at Witchblade, so I started watching it. Just finished episode 15 and glad I took him up on his recommendation :-). Incidentally, do you (or anyone else) know where I can locate the song that's starts just as Reina and Shiori prepare to do battle with some Xcons? It's about 20 minutes and 20 seconds into episode 4 (may be in others as well, I just know it's in that spot), which can be seen on funimation's official channel here:

I particularly liked the siren like voices near the end of it...

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