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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
However, I haven't seen any poly people who are both economically disadvantaged -and- who have kids.
Well they do exist! Runic Wolf, Wendigo, and I have been economically disadvantaged for years, though this year seems to be a turning point as all 3 of us have gotten full time jobs and Wendigo's wife, Pretty Lady (a struggling author) has been approached with a book deal.

Runic Wolf and I spent half of this year on public assistance, which saved us from having to move our son and cat into my mother in law's spare bedroom. Wendigo and Pretty Lady weren't quite so lucky 2 years ago when their house became unsafe to live in. They live out in the country on a family plot of land with 2 houses, so while they had a place to go, it meant moving themselves and their teenaged son into a 3 bedroom house already occupied by Pretty Lady's sister and her 2 teenagers. Wendigo has also been out of work for a few years, though Runic Wolf was just able to get him into his company.

You can't believe how good it felt to not have to be able to afford my son's school supplies on our own this year; to not have to borrow money from family or put his name on the free back pack list (which does little good to a middle schooler when the supplies included are crayons and the like). And it feels pretty damn good to get to see Wendigo everyday and know that he's just a tiny bit less stressed out himself.
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