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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Ultimately, because I see polyamory as an orientation, I don't see it as a privilege. Being able to practice it, yes, that's a privilege. Being polyamorous? Not really. In many places over the world, it might mean that you'll need to keep that shut and stick to the one spouse you're allowed to have while being miserable for not being able to be with the other person(s) you love. Which, you know, is better than nothing for sure, but sucks as far as "privileges" go.
I agree. If you follow that 'miserable' path far enough, you'll see that it can lead to cheating. That's one particular path I don't think I'll ever personally follow, but I can understand the temptation of it if you're with someone who sustains you financially but not emotionally while someone else can sustain you emotionally but not financially.
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