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I guess at this point I just am not sure how he would take the conversation at all. I don't know if he would be onboard with it once he thought more about it or not. I think one of his initial concerns would be that it would just be me going out with other people, because he is shyer and I'm not sure if he would be picking people up all the time. But we have both said before how we wish we had more sexual and relationship experience before getting together, so I think he might welcome the chance for further experience without feeling that he's cheating on me.

ETA: I should probably clarify that I'm afraid just having the initial conversation re: open relationship might ruin our current relationship if he feels threatened or inadequate etc.

ETA2: I would definitely make sure to tell him that it's not like if he says no to an open relationship, I'm just going to go and cheat on him, because I'm not and I wouldn't. I'd want to discuss, establish, and respect his boundaries, since he would basically be defining the terms of the open relationship insofar as what HE is comfortable with ME doing.

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