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Originally Posted by RickX View Post
Lastly, if I get to meet both of them, will I not be giving an impression that I want to have a relationship with both of them, like a triad? Im a straight guy, and has no plans of a 3-way relationship. No idea what the sexual orientation of her husband could be
Nope, but there's no harm AT ALL in being point blank.

My husband and my live in-life partner are both straight men. We do not share a sleeping space (the three of us) we do not have sex together etc. Neither of them is comfortable with either.

Some people have straight partners who are ok sleeping together, but not sex.
Some have straight partners who are ok with 3-somes but the two outside people just focus on giving the "hinge" person the time of their lives.

It's really a very personal choice.

In our case-my boyfriend is absolutely straight, vanilla and monogamous. Totally NOT interested in anything remotely involving 3 people in one bed.

My husband is absolutely straight, kinky and poly. But, totally not interested in anything remotely involving my boyfriend in bed (female would be different).

Furthermore, living together or not can be done many ways too.

We all live together. But, someone else on the board has a home with an apartment in the basement-her boyfriend "rents" that apartment. So they are in the same BUILDING-but boyfriend and husband both have their own "homes". Having been to their home, I think it's an AWESOME set up.

In my "dream world" we will have property with several homes on it-and the guys won't be in the same house, but we'll all be on the same property.
Shrug-its all about taking time to truly identify each persons needs versus wants (I like to say hard limits versus soft limits) and then figuring out the imaginative ways they can be met.
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