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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
You are worried that she will not agree, and you will lose him. Own it. Deal with it.
I'm not worried I'll lose him, as it stands, I already have. My only chance to 'have him' would be to come clean and pursue an up front ploy relationship. I'm worried he'll lose his family if this comes out - access to his daughter, his home, and probably some friends.

I'd lose some friends too, but I'm fairly convinced my relationship would survive. This is where it seems unbalanced.

Of course, if ANYTHING ever happened again, I would come clean, regardless, because we've promised that nothing ever will happen again. If we can't keep that promise (and yes, this is the second time we've made it), then we have to do things differently, and that means being honest and dealing with the mess. He knows this.
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