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Originally Posted by mypolyplace View Post
I added an adult content warning, to keep the member base 18+, to allow for more erotic chat, pics, vids and blogs, looking for feedback if i should keep the warning and allow that freedom, or take it down and keep the site completely clean???? On one hand I want to allow freedom, other hand dont want to portray the site, members or polyamory as porn or a fetish??? Please give feedback, Thanks in advance...
You could add an option for people to say if something is 18+ (either when they post it, or to repost someone else's posts) and have a filter system. This way, people who want to be on a poly website but don't want to get the nudity can have the filter on and be fine. That would make the website safe for work, while not censoring those who do want to share 18+ content.
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