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Originally Posted by RickX View Post
Lastly, if I get to meet both of them, will I not be giving an impression that I want to have a relationship with both of them, like a triad? Im a straight guy, and has no plans of a 3-way relationship. No idea what the sexual orientation of her husband could be
Nope. Asking to meet the husband just to be sure everything is kosher in no way suggests that you want anything more than an amicable acquaintanceship with him. If you guys get to be friends, like MC and TGIB are, awesome. That will likely make things easier all the way around. But very few people manage to date as a couple- the odds of finding someone who clicks with both parties are just so unfavorable. Triads DO happen, of course, but if you're straight then this particular configuration wouldn't work for you anyway, so don't waste time and energy worrying about it. If he meets you and is attracted? A simple, "Thanks, I'm flattered, but I'm not attracted to men." is sufficient. Anyone who doesn't respect that isn't someone you want to be in a relationship with anyway!
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