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Default Some changes

After 14 years at the same company, I get to start a new job this coming week. And I'm REALLY nervous (and excited too). I mean, I haven't had to impress anybody for a LONG while (as I could pretty much do my job in my sleep). But it was time to leave...too many things had turned sour in the last couple of years and it was becoming increasingly hard to tolerate the management's incompetence and negativity.

And the cherry on top: This weekend, I get to welcome a whole new decade as I turn 40. The kids have been teasing me mercilessly, lol. I hate to even 'think' about myself being this old. I just refuse to, I'm sticking with 29. I'll likely survive it but there shall be some 'drink-therapy' going on! Glad I'll have my guys help me through it
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