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I have no personal background in stripping other than for those I'm in a relationship with.

Also, I would add, I do not judge strippers who strip for the joy of showing their lovely bodies and the energy of it.

But I have several friends who strip because, quite frankly, they are lazy and don't want to work a 9-5 anything, even though they CAN get fairly good jobs.

So I would say I think stripping is wonderful if done for the right reason. The right reason maybe need, joy, exercize, relationship...

But laziness is the wrong reason. And I've found most of those who do it out of laziness wind up in other areas of sexual 'preformance' that are much less safe and moral than stripping.

I know I must sound judgemental here. I'm not trying to be. I love strippers and would enjoy paying for a lap dance. So I'm in no way trying to be a 'holier than thou'.

I just think that many of the women I personally have met from that profession have a whole host of other things in their lives that lead to problems with the lifestyle of sexual arts.
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