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This cold is kicking my ass! I gargled salt water before bed. Nasty! But it did seem to help a bit with the sore throat.
My bro is having a heartbreaking time right now. Their marriage has been rocky for some time. But, it looks like they may have reached the final cliff. I don't know. I try to stay out of it. But, he's my baby brother. It's hard to watch.
On a good note, my statistics classes are going well so far as is my weight training class.
Two days til maca comes home. I'm looking forward to seeing him and my Sweet Pea again! Sweet Pea got two Spruce Hens today for their dinner. Everyone has been very impressed with him at hunting camp. He's been helpful and on the ball all week. I am honestly not surprised, he really is an amazing kid. But, I am very proud of him. This is the first time they have allowed Anyone under 16. So it was a big deal and he has proven himself worthy of them taking the chance on him. He's invited to go again next year. (he's 12)
Except being sick-life is good. Sour Pea has been getting her chore routine down and working on school too. I watched October Baby last night and cried my eyes out. GG has been taking care of me and keeping me hydrated and fed.
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