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If you’re kinky, have you found that kink levels decrease as you get closer/cuddly/more emotionally intimate? Or is it more of a “wax and wane” over the course of time?

I'd have to say it waxes and wanes, though Runic Wolf and I have only gotten serious about kink with each other in the last few years. For the first decade of our relationship, he thought I was only trying to humor him. It actually took me being kinky with Wendigo to get him to see that I'm kinky in my own right.

Is it often the case that when you meet new sexual partners you direct more extreme sexual behaviour towards them and away from the primary relationship?

I'm not sure what you mean by more extreme sexual behavior; please explain.

Does NRE with others generally lead to less sex between primaries?

For me the more sex I have, the more I want.

If you’re into BDSM play, do you have any restrictions on BDSM with others, or does everything go?

Runic Wolf's restriction is that Wendigo and I can't do anything that would necessitate a trip to the ER, but that applies to himself as well.

Do you get jealous if your primary does something sexually with another partner you crave and hasn’t happened in a while? Do you talk about it, and how do you do this without them feeling you’re pressuring them into a certain sex act? Or do you just tell yourself it's none of your business because every relationship is different, and you’re glad he’s having fun?

I have recently discovered that I don't get jealous; I get envious if my partners are giving someone else something I'm craving - even if it's something as simple as cuddling with a platonic friend when we haven't been able to cuddle in a while. I've learned that if i don't tell them I need something, they aren't necessarily going to know to give it to me. But generally speaking, my partners don't do anything sexually with other people that they don't do with me or if they do, it is something that I don't want to do or something I can't provide.

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